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Josie The Greatest Dane

Josie's Journey with Osteosarcoma

Josie The Greatest Dane

We Are Almost Back To Normal….Minus One Leg

March 29th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

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Friday March 26th 2010 Josie is back to her old self….sleeping late…I cover her with a blanket and she lays there…only difference? She is laying on the floor….something she rarely did before the amputation, now it is almost the norm. She slept almost all night on her amputation side. I can’t help but wonder if it feels good???

I notice when she gets up a bit of swelling along the incision. I put in a call to Dr. Danielson. He is in surgery all day and will call when he gets out.

I actually go to the Y today and attend cycling class…I haven’t been there since Friday March 5th….it is nice to be back but I decide to make it a short class, quick shower and head home… is Josie’s first time home alone without any human supervision. I got home, and she was fine!

My friend CC and I take the girls for another walk down in the gully. The girls have a blast. We do a longer route than yesterday so I bring along her blue mat and we take two breaks so Josie can lay down and catch her breath from all that hopping. CC gives her a new nickname…Kanga. We run into regulars that are down there. At one time there must have been a pack of about 15 dogs running around. Josie is a bit on edge, probably from getting bumped into and sniffed at too many times. But it was nice to have her down there to see all her old friends and their humans…everyone has been very worried about her.

She is exhausted when we get home. Gully has to have a bath because she was running in all the swamp and mud, but Josie gets a break due to the staples…she wont be so lucky much longer and really is starting to get pretty ripe…

Saturday March 27th 2010 Today has been pretty low-key….Josie just sleeps a lot.

She still refuses to drink water…I am puzzled….I guess when she gets thirsty, she won’t have a choice.

Took her and Gully for a nice walk in the gully. She did really well. We took one break on the blue mat and she really just lays down on it and takes a breather. She is sleeping on the couch now…under a fuzzy blanket. I love you Josie!

Sunday March 28th 2010 Josie is doing great…going up and down the newly carpeted stairs with no problems at all. We took a short walk today, but she did drink a LOT of water…swamp water, but heck, it was water…..

Monday March 29th 2010 WOW….I am going to try to make this a normal week. Josie slept with me almost all night last night, back to her old bed hog self again and I am lovin’ it.

Today we walked almost the entire park and she did great!!! We even climbed the cliff and took a long break at the top! It seems we are almost back to normal, just missing one leg.

Tomorrow, Madison for staple removal and talk with oncology about chemo….

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  • jakesmom

    So glad to hear that Josie is finally starting to feel more like herself. 🙂 It definitely does take some time… they do alot of sleeping… and those pain meds… well they sure can mess up some dogs (people too!). I’m glad she’s off the tramadol now and hopefully the Deramax (or was that Rimadyl?) and gabapentin will take care of any remaining post-op pain.

    Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your Josie soon!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

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