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Josie The Greatest Dane

Josie's Journey with Osteosarcoma

Josie The Greatest Dane

Josie Just Loves Human Company!!!!

March 26th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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Wednesday March 24th 2010 I woke up this morning…yes, I said this morning….Josie and I fell asleep together on the couch last night and I woke up alone….she was sleeping on the floor. She started to get anxious again last night, so I put in a movie and sat on the couch with her….just like we used to do. I think that may have been the trick…her breathing slowed and she fell fast asleep.

This morning I took the girls for an off-leash walk in a field near our house. Josie was in heaven!!! I brought along a workout pad that rolls up and when we got half way, I spread it out in the grass and she laid down for a rest. She was so happy to be out that when we were turning around to head back, she stopped, looked at me, then up the hill to a wooded area where deer bed down, then back at me, then back up the hill….I figured she was trying to tell me something so I said “Okay, lets go!” And she hopped…right up that hill and sniffed all the dead weeds….. It warmed my heart to see her raise her nose in the air to take in the fresh morning scents. I see improvement… Josie is such a trooper.

Lisa, Robin and Mom stopped tonight…Josie just loves human company!!!!

She has been going up the stairs really well, down is still a challenge. I try to stay near her with her sling under her chest….She doesn’t seem to appreciate it too much, but I am so worried that she is going to fall….

Dr. Lassara called and confirmed the test results….Osteosarcoma….I pretty much knew that already so it didn’t come as a shock to me. We are on the road to recovery and it is going to take a lot to take us back down….

Josie is currently only taking Deramaxx for pain. I have Gabapentin here, but thought I would see how she did without it and so far, she is almost normal, she is just missing a leg….

I noticed that she is lying on amputation side more often…on floor, not when she is on the couch. I have some blankets spread out on the floor for her and she likes to sleep there at night, sometimes when I wake up, she is laying on her amputation side..

Thursday March 25th 2010 Josie didn’t sleep through the night, but I tried my hardest to not let her anxiousness keep me awake. She stirred a few times, moved to different areas of the room, but eventually laid down and found a comfy spot each time…she didn’t stand by me and pant…

Today we got ready for our walk….she stood like a stubborn old donkey in the driveway…She would not follow Gully and I as we left the property. I eventually asked her if she wanted to go for a ride in the truck…she immediately started wagging her tail. So…I backed the truck up to the curb just like I did when we got home. She hopped right over with her tail wagging and jumped in the back.

I instructed her to lay down, which took a while, but I don’t think she would do to well standing while I drive. We drove to the gully and walked around the new water sewer containment area. She was like a puppy…bouncy and full of life. It was heart warming to see. Then we stopped at G-mas for a short visit and a quick nap on her couch.

My friend Lori stopped by with a card, treats and a gift certificate for Josie from a local dog treat store. Lori also brought along Michelle a girl I know from the sheriff’s department. Lori is a cancer survivor and is my inspiration for Josie’s recovery. Michelle is a fellow great dane owner and just loved Josie…she showed her so much love, she fell fast asleep….it was a really nice visit.

Josie has been just amazing yesterday and today. What a transformation! I am going to start getting back to the YMCA next week. Back to our old routines. Time to take care of me….

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  • Dane Mom Sue

    What wonderful news to hear that Josie is doing so well. My Dane Nova is always up to her tricks trying to get Mommy to come and sleep on the couch with her… 16 months after her amputation! Check out her blog (a few posts ago) where she talks all about it. My blue Dane Emmy just blew out her ACL the other day so is a temporary Tripawd, and is not adapting well at all. Of course she was given Tramadol for pain… yuck. Thankfully she is not having the bad reaction that Nova had to it. I wish you and Josie the best and look forward to more update.

    Dane Lover Sue and Queen Nova of Tripawds

  • anyemery

    What a great update! Yay for Josie for her spirit! And for naps – we also love naps!
    Holly and Holly’s mom

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