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Josie The Greatest Dane

Josie's Journey with Osteosarcoma

Josie The Greatest Dane

….It’s just the sweetest love….

September 20th, 2013 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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It has officially been 3 1/2 years….I just want to dance!


September 19th 2013 ~My only update for Josie is that she is slowing down….but hey, I guess I’m not getting any faster either, so we are a perfect match!Her arthritis is kicking it into high gear, I am looking forward to the winter, hoping it will be yet another form of relief for her. Since I dont have much, I thought I would throw in a couple pics from the summer….enjoy!

This picture was taken this spring when the field corn was just coming up.IMG_4741

It is almost ready to be harvested and it is still one of her favorite places.

She loves playing hide and seek…running down the tall rows until she finds me or Daddy.

Running with Orra






And this one was taken early summer along the river.

Orra is coming up on her right.

It is interesting the relationship these two have…quite different than her and Gully.


And this picture is just love…..Gully loves her Josie time. For those of you who aren’t familiar….When Josie was 3, I got her a puppy for her birthday (Gully). She didn’t like her too much at first, but now….it’s just the sweetest love! Looking at this just makes my heart happy!

Keep on kickin’ it Josie…Momma loves you! <3

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  • Michelle

    Wow, I didn’t know Josie’s story. Hoppy 3 1/2 year ampuversary. We joined last October and Sassy crossed the bridge in August. I am always happy to read about the long term survivors of Osteoscaroma. Keep kicking butt Josie. We are proud of you


    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  • Christine

    whooooo hooooooooo!!!! That is spectacularly, fantastically, incredibally, wonderfully fan-freaking-awesome!!!
    Hoppy Ampuversary Josie!!
    Thanks for the smiles!
    Christine….. with Franklin in her heart♥

  • jerry

    WOW Josie! It’s wonderful to hear from you and know that you are STILL doing so well. AMAZING!!!! You beat this thing my friend, you BEAT CANCER!!!!

    We love every update from members but when there’s an update like this, I can’t begin to describe the joy in our hearts. To know that this is possible, that there are Tripawds like you out there who are living life to the fullest and kicked cancer to the moon makes us ECSTATIC!!!!!

    We are dancing and celebrating with you, how pawesome!!! Congrats!!!!!

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